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What We Believe

• We believe Jesus is first in all things.
• We believe in giving and receiving respect.
• We believe children should not be humiliated, hurt, or embarrassed intentionally.
• We believe a child’s self-esteem should be nurtured tenderly.
• We believe our job is to teach until a child learns, rather than punish until learning takes place.
• We believe if we are willing to say “I am sorry” when a mistake is made, we do not have to be afraid of making a mistake, and the student will learn the same.
• We want all children to enjoy the learning process, and we want to help them to develop their own motivation for learning. We will pray to do our best to encourage your child to succeed in their attempts to learn.
• We believe modeling is the most important way to affect a child’s learning.



Statement of Faith

We believe in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as verbally inspired of God, and inerrant in their original writings, and that they are of Supreme and final authority in faith and in life. We believe in one God, and Him only shall we serve, the Lord Jesus Christ.
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